Re: tk interface to World Wide Web (Jean-Francois Groff)
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 92 17:54:10 MET DST
From: (Jean-Francois Groff)
Message-id: <9207251554.AA01746@ >
To: Joseph Wang <>
Subject: Re: tk interface to World Wide Web
References: <9207251215.AA17334@CALCULUS-1.MIT.EDU>
  This interface will be most welcome. We had looked at Tcl/Tk to
create an X browser, but spent our time on other things as usual :-)
Do you use the hman object that appeared a few months ago (or was it

  Please send it to us, and we'll put it up for ftp. I'll try to find
someone at Cern to test it, as I don't have Tcl here. Just drop it
into /pub/incoming at

  Thanks again !

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