Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1992 15:13:01 -0500
From: mcclanah@dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
Message-id: <9208252013.AA07756@dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov>
To: www-talk@nxoc01.cern.ch
Cc: mcclanah@dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
Subject: www_and_frame


Yes I downloaded your stuff 8-20 (or 21).  I am very interested in
it as we use Frame in our office.  Another project has used Maker
Markup Language (MML) to do something similar to what I want
to do and so I am trying to use some of his stuff, change it so
that I am not tied to a proprietary package, and use it in my
current project.  I realize that for the time being  I will be 
dependent on Frame to create HTML documents.  Hopefully there
will be other potential avenues to create HTML documents at
some point i the future.  Or perhaps if CERN provides SGML or
Hy-Time integration then there will be other products that I
can use. Who knows what the future will hold.

I am currently out of the office and so have not tried to play
with your stuff at all.  I got xlisp and compiled and I had sgml
parser but need to compile 0.8.  Will let you know when I get
it all put together.  I am sure I will have some questions when I try to
start using it.