Re: Man pages server code, anyone?

Rik Harris <>
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Subject: Re: Man pages server code, anyone? 
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Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 13:47:19 -1000
From: Rik Harris <>
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> I know I heard of someone with a filter for unix man page to HTML,
> but I can't find it.  Does anyone on this list write one?

I'm currently writing one in perl.  It almost does the hypertext links
to the "See Also" manual pages, and anything else that looks like
another man page.  Unfortunately, it will probably have to be
customised to the -man macros that are in use on each system.  Mine is
currently customised for SunOS man pages, but I'm trying to make it
more general.  Sorry I won't give out code at the moment, not until it
works :-)

If anyone's got any great ideas, or suggestions for this, let me

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