Announcing tkWWW release 0.4
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 92 07:59:19 -0400
Message-id: <9210181159.AA11474@lubec.MIT.EDU>
Subject: Announcing tkWWW release 0.4

tkWWW Version 0.4 alpha (

World Wide Web (WWW) is a hypertext project which seeks to build a
world wide network of hypertext links.  There are several different
browsers for this system including a simple tty interface.  For a 
demo of the terminal browsers for WWW, telnet to the following sites:

 telnet or telnet (SWISS)
 telnet or telnet (USA [NJ])
 telnet or telnet  (ISRAEL)
 telnet or telnet (FINLAND)

 and login as "www"

Tk is an interpreted toolkit which allows one to build X11 applications
quickly and easily.

tkWWW is a Tk interface to (WWW), which lets you send embedded buttons,
scrollbars, etc in hypertext written for WWW.

The Tk browser has the following advantages.

1. Since the entire user interface is written in an interpreted 
   language, it should be very easy to make modifications and extensions
   to the system.

2. More important, it is possible to imbed Tk code into hypertext
   documents.  Start up the intro demo files to see the use of this.

tkWWW 0.4 can be anon ftp'ed from

MUCH easier installation procedure 
  (if you gave up trying to install 0.3, you might try again with this)
Better default color scheme
Keyboard traversals
History mechanism
Does the right thing DVI and graphics files
Bug fixes

There is a mailing list devoted to discussions about tkWWW at

To get on this list, send e-mail to

The installation procedure has been simplified greatly from version
0.3.  To install this version, you will need only the libraries for 
tk 2.3 which can be anon ftp'ed from

1. Edit the file TkWWW/tkWWW.imake and TkWWW/Tcl/config.tcl

2. Type the following commands in the directory TkWWW

    make world
    make install

3. Run tkWWW and enjoy

With tkWWW, you can send imbedded tk commands to the interpreter.
There are lots of security implications of this.  I've tried to get
rid of the most obvious security loopholes but doubtless many remain.
Use at your own risk.