Re: Size limits for text files?
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Subject: Re: Size limits for text files? 
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> WWW caches texts

hmmm.  If you were running a WWW "http" gateway, I suppose you
could do a big pile of caching - rather than have every individual
user go out to the world to fetch documents individually, they
would go to your relay server which might well have the things
they were interested in already.

Such things have also been proposed for FTP servers, I guess I
would add -- you'd connect to a local caching FTP server, from
which you could 'cd' to other anonymous FTP sites; if the local
cache didn't have what you wanted it'd go off to the real place
to get it.

Fortunately gopher and WWW both seem more amenable to 
hacking^H^H^H^H^H^H^H research in this regard than the
usual FTP demon.

w/r/t size - like I say I don't want to have hard coded limits
for things, but people doing design need to keep in mind that
if a menu pick results in a megabyte worth of text being thrown
at my client I'm not going to be happy about it...