proposed registration of type 'text/html' for MIME

Edward Vielmetti <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: proposed registration of type 'text/html' for MIME
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 92 15:13:07 EST
From: Edward Vielmetti <>
Here's the form for registering 'text/html' partly filled in, from RFC

I don't think this needs a ton of work, just to fill in a few of the
references.  As we get some operations experience with it (and some
applications support!) I could imagine putting more frobs on it.  Not
yet tho.

Subject:  Registration of new MIME content-type/subtype

MIME type name: 
MIME subtype name: 
Required parameters: 
Optional parameters: 
	left open for future study.  

	Any additional parameters should match up with existing HTML
	constructs, so that e.g. the parameter
		title="Making links in the web"
	would be functionally equivalent to an HTML preamble of
		<title>Making links in the web</title>
Encoding considerations:
	HTML text may contain ISO Latin-1 characters or other 8 bit
	values; if so the text should be wrapped with one of the
	standard MIME 8 bit encodings.
Security considerations:
	HTML documents may contain embedded information used to 
	instruct browsers and viewers to execute queries on remote
	databases.  Some HTML browsers have included support for
	embedded command languages.  Such facilities should be used
	with care.
Published specification:
	"The HTTP Protocol as Implemented in W3", avaiable for
	anonymous ftp from  
	Describes the HTTP interactive access protocol and the tags used
	in HTML documents.

	"The WWW Book", from

	"Universal Document Identifiers on the Network", OSI-DS-XXX,
	from XXX.

Person & email address to contact for further information:
	(Tim, you want to be named on this?)

  Edward Vielmetti, vice president for research, Msen Inc.
        Msen Inc., 628 Brooks, Ann Arbor MI  48103 +1 313 998 GLOB