Re: proposed registration of type 'text/html' for MIME

Edward Vielmetti <>
Message-id: <>
To: Dan Connolly <>
Subject: Re: proposed registration of type 'text/html' for MIME 
In-reply-to: Your message of Tue, 10 Nov 92 17:38:19.
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 92 18:58:17 EST
From: Edward Vielmetti <>
Thanks for the message, Dan.  A few points.

I am not comfortable referencing documents (in an IETF message) that
are available only via the system in which I'm trying to document.
I.e. for the purpose of conveying to the IETF what all we're up to
it would be best to have files in the anonymous FTP area and rendered
in ASCII.  

Calling HTML an "SGML application" is not a bad long term plan.  I
fear there's some risk in ease of implementation from
	Content-type: text/sgml; dtd="(string that identifies html.dtd)"
compared to
	Content-type: text/html
and as such I'd prefer to not haul in all of the SGML standard in the
description of the system, not right up front at least.  Better to
spec something that you can deliver and play with rather than stretch
things out to their limits.  

Dan, if
is in fact something that should get a "public text identifier" (some
kind of ISBN number?) then we should do it.  That would be a very
useful document to reference in the comments section.

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