Visiting CERN to work with the World-Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 92 18:13:01 +0100
From: Tim Berners-Lee <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Visiting CERN to work with the World-Wide Web

Here at CERN there is not a lot of manpower for developing WWW, and there is a  
lot of pressure for us to work specifically to get local groups' information  
systems up.  However, we need lots of help in keeping the project on course  
...such activities as

  - designing/developing/installing new tools,
  - checking out/incorporating related products on the net,
  - keeping in touch with users and other support groups worldwide
  - maintaining metatools to make the above easier

Now it turns out that there are a number of ways for visitors to come to CERN,  
and we have a limited budget for this.  The exact mechanism used would depend  
on the case, so anyone seriously interested in helping the web along with some  
hard work for 6-12 months should say and we'll look into it. Some factors:

We would obviously be looking for a capable person, preferably with fluent C  
and unix, and probably with experience with web-related software and lots of  
enthusiasm. So I am circulating this only to the www-talk list for now.

This would be an excellent way for a group to gain experience in the web,  
sending out to work here for a year.  We would of course arrange the visit in  
coordination and agreement with the visitor's current employers.

In some ways it is easier to take people from CERN member states (Europe),
and/or from High-Energy physics institutes, but visitors frequently come from  

The amount of subsistence CERN can pay varies depending on lots of things. If a  
person's institute can pay all of or a fraction of their salary, then that  
tends to influence the finance division favourably!

(Geneva, Switzerland, has lakes and mountains and an international community.  
There is Alpine skiing an hour away and hill walking 20 minutes away. But these  
things are material :-)

Think about it, and mail me if interested.

	Tim BL