Re: Comments in HTML ?

Dan Connolly <>
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Subject: Re: Comments in HTML ? 
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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 92 15:00:52 CST
From: Dan Connolly <>

I was wrong: <!-- comment foo --> _is_ recognized in the
instance, or so the standard and sgmls say.

I'm trying to put together a lex style specification of
the lexical elements of HTML. It will almost certainly
conflict with current usage.

But I think the reason current usage is broken is that
the SGML standard is so obtuse.

I believe if I write up a lex specification of exactly
what characters mean what and when, and it's only a
couple pages of lex code, the folks will implement
it faithfully.

As is is now, everybody just writes their own ad-hoc
finite state machine. That's too error prone.