ScreenMode binaries, man page reader, experimental server (Jim Whitescarver)
Message-id: <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 92 17:32:08 est
From: (Jim Whitescarver)
Subject: ScreenMode binaries, man page reader, experimental server
The ScreenMode w3 interface is available via anonymous ftp from in dist/w3.  The Sun and Dec versions are a bit out
of date, so plan to get a new one soon,  only the HP version is up
to date.  This is still a prerelease version.

We have an experimental server for our CWIS plus a special gateway
server.  The ScreenMode interface can still be access via telnet to with the login www.  You can try the manual page reader
their, or via http://eies2:1234/man.  We make extensive use of the <PRE>
tag for preformatted text.  Much of our hypertext, including the manual
pages, will not be formatted properly unless you use one of our readers,
or another reader modifies to support <PRE>.

The preformatted tag, PRE, unlike <PLAINTEXT>, allows anchors etc. to be 
inserted in text that is already formatted.  It greatly simplifies the
task of importing text from independant applications will anchors
everywhere you want them.  In addition, we have a set of macros for
MS-word which allow editing HTML in WYSIWYG fashion, but this also
requires support of the preformatted tag in HTML.

Al Leurck ( developed the PRE tag and MS-word macros
here in the ScreenMode interface and we are adding it to the tkWWW X

We plan to impliment group hypertext using a mail server to suppliment
the HPPT access protocol.  Readers can contribute anchors to a text via
mail to www at the server machine.  Our browsers will support this
transparently.  Later we hope to participate in a broader effort to
include SGML tags to support forms, for truely interactive hypertext.