Re: Questions and comments

Thomas A. Fine <>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 92 19:43:50 -0500
From: Thomas A. Fine <>
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Subject: Re: Questions and comments
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>Thomas A. Fine writes:
>> As far as the <PRE> discussion, I'm not sure I understand what the
>> problem is with interpreting new lines.  The visual line length
>> won't change for having added anchors.
>This is true.  As far as I can tell, the only real objection that's
>been raised specifically to the increased real line length is that
>long lines aren't safe to mail.  This problem can easily be
>circumvented by using MIME & metamail (plug plug, although I have
>nothing to do with it -- I'm just interested in seeing MIME used in

If that's the case then I'd have to say that it's ridiculous to try
to fix mail (or any other transport mechanism) by mucking up HTML with
crud.  Anyway, threre are already various programs that will let you
break lines for use with mail.  Http shouldn't care at all about lines.

Yes, MIME would be good.  But would you make WWW pass around MIME
documents only, with HTML being one of the Content-Types, or would
you have http handle several different doc types, including both