WAISGate support for WAIS 'HTML' doc type

Edward Vielmetti <emv@msen.com>
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Subject: WAISGate support for WAIS 'HTML' doc type
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 92 18:48:43 -0500
From: Edward Vielmetti <emv@msen.com>
In WAISGate.c (part of the WAIS/WWW gateway in the Daemon distribution)
there's a little hunk of code that says basically

	pick up the doctype of the document
	if it's WSRC (a WAIS source),
		it's an index description file,
		parse the WSRC
		it's a plain text document,
		send it as a straight text file

It strikes me as a reasonable idea to extend this to put in another
case that says
	if it's HTML
		it's an HTML file,
		send it with no extra parsing

If can agree that this is a reasonable thing to do, then I'll make
the necessary changes to "waisindex" to index up the html files I've
written to date and serve them up.  

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