Reshow command (LineMode) ???

Denis DeLaRoca (310) 825-4580 <>
Message-id: <>
Date:    Sat, 05 Dec 92 12:13 PST
From: Denis DeLaRoca (310) 825-4580        <>
Subject: Reshow command (LineMode) ???
I am playing with the LineMode browser in an IBM/MVS/TSO environment
and have the following problem... the VM and MVS versions add a
clear_screen() call after every prompt to stay away from VM/MVS's
builtin screen pagers, when the response of the browser is an error/
status message the previous hypertext display is lost, it'd be nice
to rig a "reshow" command that would merely regenerate the last
hypertext display... anybody can outline what data structures and
calls I have to manipulate to accomplish this?

-- Denis