Re: C++?

Dan Connolly <>
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To: Eelco van Asperen <>
Subject: Re: C++? 
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Date: Mon, 07 Dec 92 03:07:01 CST
From: Dan Connolly <>

>I would love it; I've been working on a PC browser using Borland C++
>and Turbo Vision (a user interface toolkit) and a C++ library would
>make life a lot easier.

I second the motion. I like C++. With gcc2, it's fairly ubiquitous.
I think it makes for more productive programming.

Now... we'll have to do some thinking about class design.

I looked over the HText, HT_Anchor, etc. stuff a while ago.
The design is sound, I think. It would convert quite nicely
to C++.

My biggest problem with the HText class is that it throws
away a lot of the information in the SGML markup.

I wonder if a function that would just parse the whole
document and return some nifty structure would be useful.
No W3 processing in this routine: just SGML stuff. We
might look into using the sgmls materials as a library.
Or we might write our own. I'm getting the hang of
writing SGML parsing stuff. Once you get past the yucky
lexical details, it's not bad.

Then you could traverse the structure, find the anchors,
and, build a formatted text, etc. out of it.