Re: Gopher Wais queries

Denis DeLaRoca (310) 825-4580 <>
Message-id: <>
Date:    Tue, 08 Dec 92 11:42 PST
From: Denis DeLaRoca (310) 825-4580        <>
Subject: Re: Gopher Wais queries
Ok, here's the problem... gopher/index/wais paths include ":" chars
in the path names, the ":" is escaped by HTGOPHER on input, but on
output it is not restored for the case of GOPHER_INDEX type, the
escaped ":" (%3a or %7a for ebcdic systems) sent to the WAIS server
generates the server error...

I am circumventing the problem by including ":" in the table of
accepted chars but maybe someone can explain to me why this business
of escaping chars exists, then I can develop a better fix.

-- Denis