Searching (Lou Montulli)
From: (Lou Montulli)
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Subject: Searching
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 92 15:26:25 CST
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WAIS searching is adequate for many applications but ergonomically 
it has a long way to go.  The currently search methods provided by 
WWW and Gopher are inadequate for many needs.

For an example, assume a hypothetical database for calendar information.
It is designed to allow the user to pick among a finite set of events 
and show them based on a date range.  A CWIS interface to the data
might look like the following.
      Welcome to The University of Kansas Events Server

          Press return at any time to show events.

          Starting search date:  Dec, 18 1992
            Ending search date:  Jan, 18 1993

     * Academic field                   * Museum & gallery
     * Academic year                    * Music
     * Athletic                         * Other cultural
     * Ceremonies & recognitions        * Parties
     * Club & group meetings            * Recreational
     * Conferences & workshops          * Service & charitable
     * Film                             * Special academic matters
     * Holidays, etc                    * Theatre
     * Lecture                          * Training events
     * Local & area                     * University governance & structure

                Categories with a '*' are selected
              'a' to select all, 'n' to select none
              Use '+', '-', or space, to change fields
The user can select any of the 20 fields as being on or off.
The program will search for records and display those that are within the
date range and are in the selected categories.  How can this be done 
given the current implementation of WWW and others like it? 

This kind of search is much easier for the user than having to 
interact with line oriented input.  It also produces a number of
implementation challenges.


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