Re: CURIA - WWW server for Irish manuscripts coming soon

timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 92 12:37:47 GMT+0100
From: timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Message-id: <9203271137.AA25222@ >
To: (Peter Flynn)
Subject: Re: CURIA - WWW server for Irish manuscripts coming soon
> Date: Thu, 26 Mar 92 21:38:55 GMT
> From: (Peter Flynn)

> OK, I still have to get the daemon running, but I should have that next
> week. You can then add us to the list of stuff available in W3. Details are:

<DT><a name=???>The
CURIA Project
<DD>Browseable Irish manuscripts from the Royal Irish Academy and University
College Cork.

	(BTW You can omit name==??? -- you don't need a name unless you
	want to refer TO the anchor.)

	I think you mean
	the souble slash introduced the host.

We are still waiting reverse IP registration, so currently I guess we are
only accessible as

	will have to do for now. Let me know when it's up. A few tips.

	Please run the server on port 80 as new software will default
	to this official IANA port number. In the mean time quote it
	to be safe.

	In the configuration file, you can put a map line
	  map / /usr/local/lib/WWW/CURIA_menu.html
	so that someone accessing will
	get something useful about the site. You have to make
	all the refernces in that document absolute, as it will
	appear in two places in the web.

At the moment there's just one or two pages of test stuff, but this is
defined in a status report which I will keep up to date as part of the
documentation. We have nearly finished scanning vol 1 of the _Annals of
the Four Masters_ and the _Chronicon Scotorum_ so we'll be editing them into
shape in the next month or so. As I won't be at JENC, I want to try hard
to get a useable chapter or two up and browseable by then.

	Sounds great!  Admitedly the Irish might be understandable by
	a limite audience, but it will be available to gaelic
	academia worldwide.  (Are you putting up parallel translations?)

I fudged the five lowercase accent-aigu vowels into HTML.c as you suggested.

	Great -- can you send me the list and I'll incorporate it
	into all the sources.  We should put in all the European set
	of characters in fact.

It works fine for the sun-cmd X shell window, but when I replaced them with
the five char codes for the IBM PC, and then access it over telne from
my PC logged into my VAX, something somewhere en route is mapping the
8-bit chars into 7-bit, so an acute-a (decimal 160) ends up as a space
and an acute-e as a double-quote (whoops, sorry, acute-a comes out as
an @-sign). This is not WWW code, but either the sun terminfo/termcap
being intrusive or something in the comms side. It's going to be a major
headache to get it sorted...all help welcome.

	If someone en route is killing the 8th bit, then you are stuck.
	The best thing then seems to be to run WWW on the PC directly.
	In fact some of the PC graphic characters are in non-graphic
	psoitions of the table (0X, 1X, 8X, 9X hex), so telnet is
	likely to have trouble anyway.
	There's a port done for SUN/NFS: what type of TCP/IP for
	the PC do you use?

Have a nice weekend!

	You too.
	- Tim