Re: search engines & views

timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Date: Mon, 25 May 92 16:40:01 GMT+0200
From: timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Message-id: <9205251440.AA18996@ >
To: (Peter Flynn)
Subject: Re: search engines & views
>        All you do is map the parameters of the virtual search engine
>        onto a document name -- like
>        /INDEX/full-text/tryhard/depth=5/boolean
> Does this mean (at a primitive level) you could code a grep command
> as a document name?
	Yes -- sure.  Its a question of writing down the
	algorithm. In perl, I'm sure its a cinch ... you could
	also do it with sh and sed :-( but basically for example
	you need to take say


	and turn that into

	grep -l -i "(joe)|(bloggs)" | awk -f ls2html.awk

where ls2html.awk looks something like:

	BEGIN {  print "Select one of:\n<MENU>" }
	{ printf "<LI><A HREF=./%s>   %s</A>\n", $1, $1 }
	END { print "</MENU>" }

The awk generates the HTML for a menu.  I guess you could use awk in fact to  
generate the grep command too.  But these are just ideas.  or are you using VMS?  
Yes, you could probably do it with DCL and SEARCH.

Of course if you can handle C, then hack the sample httpd.

> ///Peter