Re: Just a question (Jean Francois Groff)
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 92 10:11:30 +0200
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From: (Jean Francois Groff)
To: Craig A. Summerhill <>
Subject: Re: Just a question
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>>>>> On Wed, 27 May 92, Craig A. Summerhill <> was worried:

Craig> What happened to the hacker's dictionary that used to be on WWW?
Craig> I can't seem to find it anymore.  It was a good resource... :*)

  The hacker's dictionary that once was on the default home page was a
demonstration of Hyper-G, a hypertext system developed by Frank Kappe
and others at the University of Graz, Austria. Hyper-G is now fully
operational and includes much more information than just the hacker's
jargon. We have a pointer to it on the list of W3 servers. There is
also a direct pointer to the hacker's jargon from the list of academic
information, under `Computing'. You will find that the presentation
has changed. For reference, the UDIs to Hyper-G and the Hacker's
Jargon are and

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