PISA conference: paper deadline extended

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Date:  7 Jun 92 17:24 +0100
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Subject: PISA conference: paper deadline extended
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 This is being posted to several lists.
 The deadline for papers for the Network Services Conference has been
 extended to June 21st.  I'm particularly keen to see papers on
 information services and perhaps someone could do a "consumer report"
 on some of the applications such as WWW, WAIS, Gopher archie etc.  -
 with particular emphasis on the information management tools (for the
 information providers).
 I'm also interested in papers for the user support sections, and would
 like to see case studies presented in building "electronic
 I'll forward any papers sent to me - or you can forward them to the
 conf.  secretariat as indicated below.
 Jill Foster
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              First Call for Participation / Call for Papers
                  The Network Services Conference 1992
                     Pisa, Italy, November 3-5, 1992
                Network Services Conference 1992
 The world of  academic and research networking has evolved  to the point
 where  the  protocol  wars  have  become  largely  irrelevant.  This  is
 demonstrated  by the  recent appearance  of high-level  networking tools
 which  are worldwide  in scope  and which  run simultaneously  over many
 different lower layers.
 NSC 92  will focus on  issues in  providing services to  customers, with
 special attention  paid to the  recent and exciting developments  in new
 global high-level tools such as  World-Wide Web, Prospero, Archie, Alex,
 Gopher, and WAIS. We will address the  impact of the new global tools on
 service development and  support, the  changing function  of traditional
 tools and services  (such as archives), upcoming  specific services such
 as new  databases, and the future  role of the library.  User support at
 the campus level, and the role  of support in accessing global services,
 will be addressed.
 The conference will be of greatest interest to network service providers
 and sophisticated users  who are changing their focus  from providing or
 obtaining  bandwidth  to  offering,  supporting, and  using  varied  and
 powerful services.  Talks and  other conference activities  will address
 the  needs   of  the  research,  academic,   educational,  governmental,
 industrial, and commercial network communities.
 NSC 92  is being  organized by EARN  in conjunction  with EUnet/EurOpen,
 NORDUnet, RARE, and RIPE.
     Conference Venue
 Pisa is situated in Tuscany on the Arno river. The Italian poet Gabriele
 D'ANNUNZIO named  Pisa's Piazza della  Torre: "The Square  of Miracles",
 and yet the definition could be extended with equal justice to the whole
 city. Pisa is not  only an art center with few rivals;  it is steeped in
 culture  and  science  and  offers  an  up-to-date  infrastructure.  The
 conference will  be held  at the  Palazzo dei  Congressi, near  the city
 center and at walking distance to the Hotels.
     Program and Registration Information
 The conference program with information on how to register will be
 distributed with the second announcement around 1 August 1992.
 Papers for presentation at the conference are solicited in the following
 -  Dealing with the Information Explosion
    . New Global Information Access Tools
    . Utilizing Established Information Access and Distribution Tools
 -  Managing Global Network Information Services
    . Coordination/Duplication, Security, Privacy, Authentication
    . Closed Group Applications
 -  The Electronic Library
    . Local Databases, Remote Databases, OPACS, CD/ROMS
    . Inter-Library Cooperation
 -  User / Customer Support
    . Help Desks, Documentation, Reaching the Customers
 -  Assessing Customer Needs
 -  Special Interest Communities
 -  Group Communication Technologies & Services - "Groupware"
 -  Networking for Schools
 -  Delivering Messaging to the Desktop
    . Practical Experiences, Products, Security, Interface issues
 -  Beyond ASCII
    . Character sets, Multimedia
    . Creating, Encoding, Receiving
 -  Economic Aspects of Networking
    . Bandwidth, E-mail Access, Efficiency, Control
 -  Recent European Networking Developments
 Please submit  title and abstract,  by mail, fax or  PREFERRABLY e-mail,
 not later than 31 May 1992 to:
   Hans Deckers (DECK@FRORS12.BITNET)
   EARN Office
   c/o CIRCE
   BP 167
   F91403 Orsay France
   Tel: +33 1 6982 3973
   Fax: +33 1 6928 5273
     Posters and Demonstrations
  A poster  wall will  be available  to participants  for the  display of
  their posters and  projects. A terminal room with  connectivity to EARN
  and the Internet will be available to delegates.
  A  room will  be available  for  workstations and  PCs to  be used  for
  demonstrations. An Ethernet connected to the Internet will be available
  in the room. Connectivity to the Internet  will be via a 64Kbps line to
  CNUCE. The minimum bandwidth between  CNUCE and CERN is 512Kbps. People
  interested in  setting up  demonstrations may  send their  questions to
     Further Information and General Inquiry
  Further  information will  be available  through an  ad hoc  conference
  mailing list.  If you want to  make sure you receive  the invitation as
  well  as the  preliminary program  please ask  for subscription  to the
  conference mailing  list ( NSC92@FRORS12.BITNET )  sending mail, e-mail
  or fax specifying your e-mail address to:
   Nadine Grange  (GRANGE@FRORS12.BITNET)
   EARN Office
   c/o CIRCE
   BP 167
   F91403 Orsay France
   Tel: +33 1 6982 3973
   Fax: +33 1 6928 5273
  General inquiries can be made at NSCINFO@FRORS12.
     Program and Organizing Committee
     Program Committee
    Dennis  Jennings, Ireland  (Chair);  Rob  Blokzijl, the  Netherlands;
    Daniele  Bovio,  France;  Paul  Bryant, United  Kingdom;  Avi  Cohen,
    Israel;  Laszlo  Csaba,  Hungary;  Hans  Deckers,  France;  Jean-Loic
    Delhaye, France; Jill Foster, United Kingdom; Frode Greisen, Denmark;
    Glenn Kowack,  the Netherlands; Stelios Orphanoudakis,  Greece; David
    Sitman, Israel; Stefano Trumpy, Italy
     Organizing Committee
    Frode  Greisen,  Denmark  (Chair  );  Hans  Deckers,  France;  Dennis
    Jennings,  Ireland; Glenn  Kowack,  the  Netherlands; Marco  Sommani,
     Corporate Sponsors (Preliminary list )