Re: an Idea for a new WWW disc. group

"(Arnold Bloemer)" <>
Date:  5 Feb 93 10:21
From: "(Arnold Bloemer)" <>
Message-id: <RFC-822*>
Subject: Re: an Idea for a new WWW disc. group

A newsgroup for the World Wide Web project is really missing
and positioning the newsgroup beside of comp.infosystems.gopher
and comp.infosystems.wais is ideal.

But I would prefer as a name for the new group:

instead of


WWW is much shorter and easier to write, but only insiders know what
www is standing for. The name world-wide-web on the other side gives
instantly an idea of the intentions of such a system. So for
presentation and public relation purposes the term world-wide-web 
is much better.

Another problem is the pronounciation of www. Has anyone a suggestion?

Finally I would like to suggest that we come to an agreement
on how to name the World Wide Web project in speech and writing.
In the past I have seen the following terms:

World Wide Web, World-Wide-Web, WorldWideWeb, world-wide-web,
www, WWW, W3, w3,

Compare this confusing collection of terms with the term "Gopher".
"Gopher" is a single, easy pronouncable and associative term.

And the terms for the different browsers and other software:

www, WWW, viola, violaWWW, WWWViola, tkwww, TkWWW, tkWWW, midaswww,
MidasWWW, Xmosaic, xmosaic, X Mosaic, WWWNextStep, WWWLibrary,
HTMLGate, WWWLineMode, www_and_frame, print-www, WWWMailRobot ...

When I first come to last year with just a vague idea
of what World Wide Web could mean. I was very confused and it takes
some time and experimentation until I know what I need to get started.
The situation now is b even worse.



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