Re: By any other name: was: an Idea for a new WWW disc. group

"(Arnold Bloemer)" <>
Date:  5 Feb 93 15:39
From: "(Arnold Bloemer)" <>
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Subject: Re: By any other name: was: an Idea for a new WWW disc. group
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> From Fri Feb  5 15:07:31 1993

nice variation :-)

> We write "World-Wide Web (W3)" at the start of every paper, and W3  
> from then on.
> [BTW: W3 was chosen eventually because a in many languages to  
> pronounce WWW takes longer than saying World-Wide Web and people just  
> couldn't handle it.  So we suggest the pronounciation "double you  
> three".  (We ruled out W cubed because though it is more logical you  
> can't superscript in mail.  We ruled out V6 because its to cute.  We  
> ruled out InfoMesh and then MIT used it. We have only found one  
> company called WWW --- a technical documentation company in Freiburg  
> who have a "WWW explain" product. Their advertisement doesn't say  
> what WWW stands for there. (Maybe you could phone them on 0761/40 10  
> 221 and find out, Arnold!)

I just phoned them.

WWW stands for: "Wirtschaftswerbung Woerlen". "Wirtschaftswerbung" means
"Business to Business Communication" and Mr. Woerlen is the big boss
of WWW.

"WWW Explain" is the name of a subsidiary of WWW which is offering
technical documentation services.

They told me about the same problems with pronounciation of WWW in
different languages.

And they gave me a hint, that there is a service available which looks
for and verifies names for other companies. A name shall cost about 
70000 Deutsche Mark or 44000 US $.



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