new www interface for vms systems

Dudu Rashty +972-2-584848 <RASHTY%HUJIVMS.BITNET@cearn.bitnet>
Date:     Thu,  25 Feb 93 15:18 +0200
Message-id: <25020093151848@HUJIVMS>
From: Dudu Rashty +972-2-584848 <RASHTY%HUJIVMS.BITNET@cearn.bitnet>
Subject:  new www interface for vms systems

I am working now on a new interface for the www.

The interface is both english and hebrew (it can also be french and english)
It is written for a VMS system with smg screen functions.

The base of this interface is the linemode 1.4 with some improvements i have
made to the source.

there are still some bugs which i am working on...
and I hope to release the first version in july 1993.

You can try it out, by telnet to username: NEWWWW

For more information or suggestions please contact me.


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