Re: xmosaic experience

Bill Janssen <>
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Date: 	Thu, 25 Feb 1993 17:07:22 PST
Sender: Bill Janssen <>
From: Bill Janssen <>
To: (Marc Andreessen)
Subject: Re: xmosaic experience
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Excerpts from direct: 25-Feb-93 Re: xmosaic experience Marc
Andreessen@ncsa.uiu (2140)

> Explain to me how we are able to allocate a 32K * 1024 * 1 byte pixmap
> or image or block of random memory or whatever it is you claim we're
> doing and still fit in on a typical workstation.  For example, I
> currently have that situation running within X Mosaic on my 24MB
> workstation and not only is scrolling almost instantaneously fast but
> ps -lef reports this:

> 30 S   marca 22431 12382  0  26 25 * 1123:680  80127908 18:24:21 ttyq1  
>   0:16 /usr/people/marca/mosaic/xmosaic/sr

> Where in there is that 32MB of memory buried?

I finally looked at the X11R5 server source, and you're absolutely
right, the server is not allocating more than a screen-size of pixmap
for any one window, even a very big one.  Most of that time I was
looking at must have been spent parsing (but then why did `ps' show it
in the server?).  Thanks for correcting my misapprehension on that point.

> The Motif text widget is not capable of supporting colors and
> fonts.  You show me how to put colors and fonts in a Motif text
widget, or support the rest of the functionality we need,

Yep, as I said earlier, a design decision.