Re: Reading news via WWW browsers
Date: 	Mon, 1 Mar 1993 11:54:16 PST
Sender: Steve Putz <>
Subject: Re: Reading news via WWW browsers
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To: (Marc Andreessen)
Message-id: <>
> Yeegh!  When we have unlimited-bandwidth networks, then we can do
> that, but until then, going through a gateway for something as
> ubiquitous as FTP would be a mistreak IMHO....

I was thinking of a "local" gateway at each site (or even on the local workstation).
This makes sense for our site because all our off-site FTP traffic has to go through
a security gateway anyway.

Actually I believe the www library already has an optional provision for this anyway.
By setting an environment variable like WWW_file_GATEWAY, all "file:" requests
can be redirected to a local server.  Does this still work?

In any case, I still hold that fancy features like threaded news should be
implemented in a server, not in the WWW clients.

-- Steve