Internal links (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 93 03:02:23 -0800
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: Nathan Torkington <>
Subject: Internal links
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Nathan Torkington writes:
> I'm obviously not doing something right here.  I am using Mosaic, and
> I have the following file called "test.html":
> --begin
> <T>Testing</T>
> <H1><A HREF=#local>Hot Spot</A></H1>
> Clicking on the words "Hot Spot" above should move the cursor to the
> section below:
> <P>
> <H1><A NAME=local>Local Text</A></H1>
> This is where the cursor should go to.
> --end

(1) X Mosaic 0.8 doesn't jump to internal links inside documents like
    it should anyway; this is already fixed for 0.9.
(2) X Mosaic 0.9 won't behave any differently with your document,
    unless you've got a really small window, since all of the text is
    already in the window and there's nothing to jump to -- anchor
    local is already being displayed.  And what's the "cursor" you're
    referring to?  Not the mouse pointer??

BTW, <t> isn't HTML.

> When I click on a link, the file is redisplayed from the top of the
> document.
> This is most irritating :)
> Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated (I have had the same
> problem with the dumb-terminal client too).

What other behavior did you expect?


Marc Andreessen
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