Re: WAIS search results (Pei Y. Wei)
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 93 09:46:23 -0800
From: (Pei Y. Wei)
Message-id: <9303101746.AA23889@swindle.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject: Re:  WAIS search results
> Is it possible to keep search results as a document, so that after looking
> at one of the articles found I will not have to perform the search again, 
> but rather return to it, and look at something else there ? 
> I am willing to allocate storage for a html document generated locally as a
> result of  a keyword search.

That version of ViolaWWW forgets about the search result page after you
follow a link in it. A simple way to get around this, for now, is to 
simply clone that page first, then use it to navigate among the results.