Re: WWW processing of tar files -> '.z' files!

paolo petta <>
From: paolo petta <>
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Subject: Re:  WWW processing of tar files -> '.z' files!
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1993 18:32:25 +0100
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[original message by Tim Berners-Lee ]
> This sounds fairly simple.  The question is, at which point should
> the unpacking be done?  If the server simply presents the whole
> file as a directory tree, then the client will never get the whole
> tar file in one. But if the whole tar file is shipped over as a
> lump, then looking at the first README is expensive.

A related request: with the Distribution of GNU software already
changed to gzip-ped '.z' files I would like to see gzip used in
www lest it does not entail any legalese problems. From my (shortsighted)
point of view this should be easy, as gzip "understands" (i.e.:uncompresses)
.Z files...

On a different note: has anyone done any work with the 'REL' and 'REV'
attributes, especially in combination with the 'Includes' relationship?
After LOONG hesitation, it looks like something might finally start
happening at our place, drawing on our experience with knowledge
representation schemas like the KL-ONE family (basically, using
REL and REV 'Includes' links as is-a and part-of specifications...).

Thank you!


ps.: our COMPLIMENTS to all the www-related developers!
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