Upgraded 2.0 sources. Please upgrade servers.

Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@www3.cern.ch>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 93 17:04:57 +0100
From: Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@www3.cern.ch>
Message-id: <9303161604.AA01772@www3.cern.ch>
To: www-talk@nxoc01.cern.ch
Subject: Upgraded  2.0 sources.  Please upgrade servers.
Reply-To: timbl@nxoc01.cern.ch

There is some new HTTP test data for 2.0 clients on

I have upgraded the sourecs on ftp://info.cern.ch/pub/www/src
to fix a few bugs.  The daemon now can take a directory name to  
export on the command line to save having to write a rule file.

There is a back-compatibility problem with HTTP, in that some old  
servers are messed up by the new protocol.  I think this is pre 0.9a  
servers, which do not ignore the third word on the command line.
Servers based on csh etc should be OK, as is the 0.9b server.
This is unfortunate, and means we have to do round upgrading servers  
before upgrading clients.  I would recommend that servers be updated
as soon as possible.  The new httpd is running on info.cern.ch and
doesn't seem to have upset anyone yet after the first 40k  
transactions.  I would now class the 2.0 server code as beta.
The client I will keep as alpha (a) to prevent people picking it
up and getting snagged on old servers, and (b) because there is
more functionality to go in. (WAIS etc)  However, is seems to work  
well too, and so feel free to pick it up to test new servers.

I would like to keep a list of servers which have upgraded, so
please mail me if you do.

When you do upgtae, the new binary is quite compatible with the old  
binary except that the rule file must map requests onto sull URLs,  
including the file: prefix. The online doc has been modified.