NCSA X Mosaic and X server crashes (Mitchell N Charity)
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 93 10:12:27 EST
From: (Mitchell N Charity)
Message-id: <9303191512.AA20922@hq.LCS.MIT.EDU>
Subject: NCSA X Mosaic and X server crashes
X-Phone: NE43-512:253-6023  home(617)497-1506
Being delighted by xmosaic, I have been doing lots of demos.
Unfortunately, X servers are crashing.

Using the xmosaic-0.9 and -0.10 distribution binaries,
I have encountered crashes on a variety of servers:
   MIT X11r5 on DEC with DEC xmosaic
   MIT X11r4 on Vax with AIX xmosaic
   MacX      on Mac with Sun xmosaic

But, is beta code, right?
Well, apparently mine is the only bug report on this.
Thus the NCSA folk responded that it was the "fault" of the servers.

So, if you have a server crash, I suggest you email,
so the problem's magnitude can be guaged.