Trouble getting httpd server up

Bob Jackson <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 93 12:52:40 EST
From: Bob Jackson <>
Message-id: <9303221752.AA09093@MARIAN.STSCI.EDU>
Subject: Trouble getting httpd server up
I ftp'd the binaries and ...

% install httpd_2.02-beta /kaos/data1/bin/httpd
% install www_2.0-alpha /kaos/data1/bin/www
% rehash

I wanted to serve an existing directory tree

% httpd -v -p 8009 -dyt /kaos/data1/gopher-data &
httpd -v -p 8009 -dyt /kaos/data1/gopher-data &
[1] 9081
% Rule: For `/*' op 2 `/kaos/data1/gopher-data/*'
Rule: For `*' op 3 `(null)'
Daemon: Parsed address as port 8009, inet
IP: Opened socket number 3
Daemon: Master socket(), bind() and listen() all OK
Daemon: Waiting for connection or message. (Mask=8 hex, max=4 hex).

albeit with no httpd.conf file present.

Now I tried to look at the server

% www
Daemon: New incoming connection:
Daemon: Accepted new socket 4
Daemon: Waiting for connection or message. (Mask=18 hex, max=5 hex).
Message waiting on socket 4
Daemon: Reading socket 4 from host
Daemon: net read returned 128, errno=0
Daemon: Client accepts text/plain
Daemon: Client accepts text/html
Daemon: Client accepts image/jpeg
Daemon: Client accepts image/gif
Daemon: Client accepts application/postscript
New anchor 200b0 has hash 47 and address `/'
HTAccess: loading document /
For `/' using `/kaos/data1/gopher-data/'
HTRule: ...and pass `/kaos/data1/gopher-data/'
HTFile: can't stat /marian/u1/jackson/WWW///kaos/data1/gopher-data/
HTAccess: Opening `/marian/u1/jackson/WWW///kaos/data1/gopher-data/' gives -1
TCP: Local host name is
FTP: Looking for /kaos/data1/gopher-data/
HTTPAccess: Can't find internet node name `'.
TCP: Error 0 in `errno' after call to FTP file load() failed.
	Error 0
**** HTAccess: socket or file number returned by obsolete load routine!

[1]    Exit 172             httpd -v -p 8009 -dyt /kaos/data1/gopher-data

I get the same error when I use the www_1.4 client.

Why are HTFile and HTAccess looking at:

Do I need a .html file in /kaos/data1/gopher-data ?