Re: using perl for W3 servers

Marc VanHeyningen <>
From: Marc VanHeyningen <>
Subject: Re: using perl for W3 servers 
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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1993 15:33:16 -0500
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Thus wrote: 
>I have a couple of HTML servers written in perl, running
>under SunOS Unix, invoked via inetd.
>Is there a way in perl to find out the internet address of the client?
>Or do I have to give up the convenience of inetd to do that?

I have an HTTP server written in perl, under SunOS Unix, as a
standalone daemon without inetd.  I considered inetd but am of the
opinion that the performance would be unacceptable if perl had to
parse the whole thing for every request.  Forks are not that expensive
in perl, and probably will be faster once we convert to a OpSys with
copy-on-write.  Thus, the code from mine looks more or less like the
code on page 345 of the Camel book.  It's running; URL if you want to peek.  I plan to release the
code once it's stable, though people can have unstable copies if they
really want.

The following code is taken from page 153 of the Camel book, and
probably does what you want:

  $sockaddr = 'S n a4 x8';
  $mysockaddr = getsockname(S);
  ($family, $port, $myaddr) = unpack($sockaddr, $mysockaddr);

- Marc
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