Re: YES vote for comp.infosystems.www

Thomas A. Fine <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 12:23:42 -0500
From: Thomas A. Fine <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: YES vote for comp.infosystems.www
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>To help create the comp.infosystems.www newsgroup,
>please send a message to

The rules of newsgroup creation demand equal time.  To vote against
the creation of the newsgroup, send a message to

Please don't "reply all" to Tim's message, either, as this would make
it harder to sort out what things are votes, and what are replies to
his message.

For your convenience, here is a copy of the call for votes:

Subject: CFV: comp.infosystems.www

This is a formal Call for Votes on the creation of a new unmoderated
newsgroup called comp.infosystems.www, following a favorable discussion
of this newsgroup.

Name: comp.infosystems.www
Not moderated
Charter: In general, the discussion of all things related to the world
wide web, including design of software, development of new software,
and development of documentation within the Web.


Do NOT send votes to me!!!
Do NOT post your vote!!!

To vote Yes: send mail to ""
To vote No:  send mail to ""

In addition, the wording of the message must be in agreement with
the address, and should not include anything the least bit ambiguous.

Voting will end on April 20, 1993.  Any votes received after this
date will be ignored.

In order for the newsgroup to be created, the yes votes must account for
2/3 of the total number of votes, and must outnumber the no votes by
a margin of at least 100 votes.


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