Question about xMosaic HOME PAGE

koellner%Csa6.LBL.Gov%Lbl.BITNET@cearn.bitnet (Werner Koellner, LBL)
Date:    Tue, 30 Mar 93 15:21:21 PST
From: koellner%Csa6.LBL.Gov%Lbl.BITNET@cearn.bitnet (Werner Koellner, LBL)
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Subject: Question about xMosaic HOME PAGE
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                                         LBL, Physics Division, 30-MAR-1993

    Is the "Home Page", i.e. mosaic-home.html in, for
    xmosaic available via ftp or such? I have currently www, viola, and
    xmosaic available on our SUN's and in the case of viola/www I have
    edited the WWW_HOME page. Since I have the environment variable
    WWW_HOME set when I run xmosaic the *.html file for WWW gets picked up.
    To get mosaic-home.html displayed I need to unsetenv WWW_HOME first.
    Although that's no big deal, I would rather add an anchor to the
    xmosaic home page in my www.html file (or have the mosaic-home.html

    If I put an anchor to mosaic-home.html in my *.html the server refuses
    to hand it to me. I look forward to any suggestions or comments.

                   Many thanks,