Re: Lynx 2.0

timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 06:15:14 MET DST
From: timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
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Subject: Re: Lynx 2.0

Looks great!   There was just today a discussion at the IETF of how
a good screen mode www is needed!   I will move the tar files and
put in pointers when I get home next week, and announce it as beta.
I just played with it a little, I will mention it to a few people here
and forward you rmessage to www-talk.  If your code is not on
the server in a week, mail me again in case I dropped all my mail in a hole.
or the plane crshed or something.  I think this will be really
useful because of the large number of _real_ (ie vt100) users
out there.... and your message is very timely!


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	    As you may know, Lynx 2.0 will have full WWW capabilities (or at least 
	those of the line mode browser).  Lynx 2.0 is currently in Beta test but I
	think it is about time for it to be added to the WWW software list that
	you maintain.  As a curses client I believe that Lynx has a lot to
	offer to the WWW comunity.  

	There is a demo account set up for anonymous login if you would 
	like to try it out.  Telnet to and login as "www".

	Anonymous FTP access to the source and binaries is at

	Let me know what you want me to do to help get this set up.

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