Re: EDI for forms? (Jim Whitescarver)
Message-id: <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 93 16:14:06 est
From: (Jim Whitescarver)
Subject: Re:  EDI for forms?
The last time I looked, EDI included BOTH SGML and ASN equivalent definitions.
It may be worthwhile to borrow some things from there, but I stopped following
the standards development there because it got too too too complicated (rich?).

The beauty of HTML is it's simplicity/ease of use.  I hope we keep it that
way.  Although a number of standards have addressed forms, I do not know
of any using SGML to define interactive interfaces as we are attempting.  We
are not concerned with how the form looks, so much, the client should have
freedom in that respect.  Our initial problem, defining input fields, may
benifit most from looking at GUI development tools and translating to SGML.

Sorry, I couldn't find the ISO numbers for EDI, it's been a while...


p.s.  Shouldn't HTML2 include HyTime links?  HTML's relative references in 
anchors are much nicer than HyTime markups, but HyTime seems like the
natrual markup extension for full multi-media.  This seems to countradict
my plee to keep HTML simple, but one could always invoke a HyTime client
to follow a HyTime link.