Questions about WAIS, WAISGate

Steve Romig <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 93 15:49:53 -0500
From: Steve Romig <>
Message-id: <>
In-reply-to: Edward Vielmetti's message of Wed, 06 Jan 93 13:37:13 EST <>
Subject: Questions about WAIS, WAISGate 
> nice work steve!

Thanks.  Its been fun, taking off-the-shelf stuff (w3 daemons and
browsers, wais) and writing small conversion scripts.  

>i hacked up a converter for the nearnet trouble tickets and trouble
>status reports ("finger", imagine turning each
>of those references into a link to a "finger
>".)  never finished it (since i don't work
>anywhere near nearnet!) but the idea seemed sound.

We're hoping to do something like that.  I have a gateway to our local
problem report system done, but haven't really made use of it yet.
I'm planning to extract the most severe problem reports from the list
of open problems and use it to generate a system status page.  

--- Steve