HTML Editing

Nathan Torkington <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1993 10:44:31 +1200
From: Nathan Torkington <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: HTML Editing
I'm about to release v0.1 of my (Xlib, Xt and Athena Widget) HTML
editor, and I want to know what keybindings you would like.

This is what I have at the moment, but they overwrite the EMACS-style
bindings.  Would you rather lose (say) word-forward or have to use
something like Shift-Meta-F to have a preformatted block?

   Meta Shift <Key>A: tag(<ADDRESS>, </ADDRESS>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>B: tag(<B>, </B>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>C: tag(<CITE>, </CITE>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>D: tag(<DFN>, </DFN>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>E: tag(<EM>, </EM>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>I: tag(<I>, </I>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>K: tag(<KBD>, </KBD>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>L: tag(<CODE>, </CODE>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>M: tag(<SAMP>, </SAMP>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>S: tag(<STRONG>, </STRONG>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>T: tag(<TT>, </TT>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>U: tag(<U>, </U>)\n\
   Meta Shift <Key>U: tag(<VAR>, </VAR>)\n\
   Meta<Key>1: tag(<H1>, </H1>)\n\
   Meta<Key>2: tag(<H2>, </H2>)\n\
   Meta<Key>3: tag(<H3>, </H3>)\n\
   Meta<Key>4: tag(<H4>, </H4>)\n\
   Meta<Key>5: tag(<H5>, </H5>)\n\
   Meta<Key>6: tag(<H6>, </H6>)\n\
   Meta<Key>a: address(HREF)\n\
   Meta<Key>d: tag(<DL>, ~</DL>)\n\
   Meta<Key>e: tag(<DT>, <DD>~)\n\
   Meta<Key>f: tag(<PRE>~, </PRE>)\n\
   Meta<Key>i: tag(~<LI>)\n\
   Meta<Key>m: tag(<MENU>, ~</MENU>)\n\
   Meta<Key>n: address(NAME)\n\
   Meta<Key>p: tag(<P>~)\n\
   Meta<Key>q: tag(<BLOCKQUOTE>~, <BLOCKQUOTE>)\n\
   Meta<Key>r: tag(<DIR>, ~</DIR>)\n\
   Meta<Key>s: tag(<ISINDEX>)\n\
   Meta<Key>o: tag(<OL>, ~</OL>)\n\
   Meta<Key>t: tag(<TITLE>, </TITLE>)\n\
   Meta<Key>u: tag(<UL>, ~</UL>)\n\

Any feedback welcome,