Re: WWW under SCO Unix (Mitra)
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From: (Mitra)
Subject: Re: WWW under SCO Unix
Organization: Pandora Systems
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1993 17:42:40 GMT
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On Marc's suggestion I grabbed the xmosaic-1.0 files, the library code
in there is much changed from the WWW library, although its parentage is
still visible.

The first set of changes worked fine and got rid of a bunch of bugs,
however the sticky point is in HTFile.c where it uses the "direct"
structure rather than "dirent" which is (according to xmosaic's tcp.h
file) more appropriate for several systems.  Unfortunately the code is
differennt enough between xmosaic and WWW that without better
understanding its not possible to just copy it over.

The actual error reported is that there is no d_namlen in the

Any help appreciated, 

- Mitra