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Bill Janssen <>
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Date: 	Tue, 27 Apr 1993 16:40:53 PDT
Sender: Bill Janssen <>
From: Bill Janssen <>
To:, Mowgli C Assor <>
Subject: Re: Postscript Behavior...
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Excerpts from ext.WorldWideWeb: 27-Apr-93 Postscript Behavior... Mowgli
C (1165)

> I've been playing with various ways of getting postscript to display
> via XMosaic (1.0). When you use FTP, things are fine

Well, not quite.  Though I've come to really enjoy XMosaic, and
appreciate greatly the enormous utility it provides, there do seem to be
two classes of documents:  those which are displayed in the XMosaic
document window, and those which are displayed by some external viewer
program (a feature which I think is great).  If a file is displayed in
the document window, I can manipulate it in certain ways; I can view the
source with the menu item "File/Document Source...", I can save it to a
file via the "Save As..." button.  When a file is displayed in some
external viewer, I can do neither; typically XMosaic's view of "what
document is selected" is the directory from which I selected the actual
selected document.

It would be nice if when a Postscript, audio, or image file is selected
(or any type which uses an external viewer), XMosaic would put something
in the document window (maybe "Document foo://
being displayed via command `xv DOC'" or some such), and make the source
of the document manipulable via the "File/Document Source..." and "Save
As..." buttons.  Or in some other way unify the two classes.

(I feel that I should emphasize what a minor though annoying bug this is
in a really great piece of work :-).