Re: Standardizing new HTML features

Bill Janssen <>
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Date: 	Thu, 29 Apr 1993 15:06:41 PDT
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From: Bill Janssen <>
To:, Tony Sanders <>
Subject: Re: Standardizing new HTML features
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Excerpts from ext.WorldWideWeb: 29-Apr-93 Re: Standardizing new HTML ..
Tony (2146)

> There is nothing to prevent browers from inlining on selection right now,
> though it would be nice if you could pass a window id to xv and not have
> to build in all that code.  Having browsers and external viewers cooperate
> should be an easy project.  Any volunteers?

Building viewers so that they can also operate on some pre-existing
window, instead of just creating their own, is an excellent idea.  I'm
always surprised when otherwise-wonderful viewers, such as Ghostscript
or xv, don't do this  from the start.  Probably just doesn't occur to
their authors.  Also, it seems tricky to do with most (all that I know
of) Xt-based toolkits.