Re: forwarded... [Explicit Linking is Impossible]

Edward Vielmetti <>
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Subject: Re: forwarded... [Explicit Linking is Impossible] 
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Date: Wed, 05 May 93 18:23:58 EDT
From: Edward Vielmetti <>
It's not necessary to make really deep explicit links to other
people's hypertext; often times it's enough to pre-load a search that
takes people near the right place.  E.g. you don't say "page 342 of
ISBN 1-56592-027-9" you say "Look up the section on environment
variables in the O'Reilley MH book".

Authors do this all the time - if you can assume a good index (or do
automatic indexing and be prepared for some slop) you can get quite a
bit of the effort done.

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