Problems with httpd

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Date: Thu, 6 May 1993 09:09:10 GMT
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Subject: Problems with httpd
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I compiled the httpd-server from CERN (version 2.04) on a sun-sparcstation 1+
with SUN/OS 4.1.3.

I started it from the command line with:

	httpd -R -v -p 3767

When I wanted to test the server with


the server printed the following on the screen:

New anchor 4c240 has hash 99 and address
HTAccess: loading document
HTFile: can't stat
HTAccess: Opening
		gives -1
FTP: Looking for /home/w11/elmar/www/WWW/Commands.html
HTTPAccess: Can't find internet node name `'.
TCP: Error 2 in `errno' after call to FTP file load() failed.
        No such file or directory
HTAccess: Can't access `/home/w11/elmar/www/WWW/Commands.html'

Therefore I checked the file 'HTFile.c' and found that the filename is put
together in line 306 (function 'HTLocalName'):

	sprintf(result, "%s/WWW/%s/%s%s", home, access, host, path);
When I deleted this line and returned only the path, the server gave back
the information to the client which displayed it on the screen.

Because I have no debugger here, I couldn't test if this change will have
some unwanted consequences. Any ideas?