Re: forwarded... [Explicit Linking is Impossible]

Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: forwarded... [Explicit Linking is Impossible] 
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Date: Thu, 06 May 1993 11:27:21 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
> Yes, the solution you suggest (spidey) could work.  While the present
> scheme is like "go to the Royal Library in Stockholm, 2nd floor, take
> to the left, walk 20 meters, turn to the right, there it is on the
> 3rd shelf, 15th book from the left, page 257.", the spidey scheme is
> like "I think that John Shakespare wrote something about dreaming in
> the middle of the summer".  I would still prefer ISBN numbers.  When
> will spidey be up and running?

You can embed WAIS searches in URL's which is really the same thing.
Also, my server has a search package included so you can do this
pretty easily (some assembly required).

For an example the following directory is searchable.
and you could embed a query in a link
will pop you into a menu of press releases by Donnalyn Frey.