Re: The official WWW Hand Gesture (Brian Smithson)
Date: Fri, 7 May 93 11:17:02 PDT
From: (Brian Smithson)
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: The official WWW Hand Gesture
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	As for WorldWideWeb,  it sounds like it matches similar
	criteria.  It is based on W (middle three fingers only
	up, palm away from you). I don't know what "3" is.
	(Three fingers together?)
	Maybe to distinguish "WorldWideWeb" from "W" it has to be
	be modified a bit -- perhaps the three fingers of one
	hand (W) meeting the three fingers of the other hand (3)
	reminicent of Internet, connection, wire.  If something
	suggesting "knowlegde" and/or sharing could be snuck in
	there then that would be all the better. Is the sign for
	"W" backwards (palm toward you) already taken?
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How about this:

- You hold your middle three fingers ("W" and "3") out with palm facing
  down (information source).

- Another person holds middle three fingers out with palm facing up
  (information need).

- Both people meet and interlace the fingers ("web").

- Each person holds their other hand out similarly, but with the palm facing
  in the opposite direction

- Seek out other people with which to randomly interconnect.

- Repeat until it's world-wide. :-)

-Brian Smithson