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Tim sez:

> location, they would be more of a template or a script.  I would
> prefer to see that sort of thing handled properly with forms in HMML.

Absolutely. I didn't intend the initial mail contents to be a "mail
header" far from it, I simply suggest that a way of filling in a form
as well as posting arbitrary mail is a definite requirement. If there
is (to be) a proper form spec, let's use that, though it will have to
clearly documented how a filled in form is to be translated to a text
mail message. Using MIME mail is NOT satisfactory, as the system should
work when the mail recipient is not MIME aware.


PS: Tim, where's the URL list you refer to? Did you receive mail from
me in April about your URL doc? If not I'll join the URL list and
re-send it to that.