Re: Mail addresses as URLs

Marc VanHeyningen <>
From: Marc VanHeyningen <>
Subject: Re: Mail addresses as URLs 
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Date: Tue, 11 May 1993 13:20:29 -0500
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Thus wrote: John C Klensin
>>well defined concept of a mailbox which
>>may or may not contain documents and may or may not have
>>restricted access. Perhaps "mailbox:" would be better than "mailto:".
>>Moving a document into somone's mail box is just like moving a
>>file into a directory: it is an operation with pre- and  

Presumably this is going to be specific to address formats of the
general form we all know and love, "smtp://"
seems to me the most consistent and unambiguous method for specifying
my mail address.  I think calling something "mail" or "mailto" is
rather unclear, since the number of different ways to specify mail
routing and the like is greater than one.  We already have silly
ambiguity with "file:" being both local file reference and FTP; let's
not do that again with mail.

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