More about mail URL's/tags

Christopher McRae <>
Message-id: <9305112054.AA27120@knowman.lib.ucsf.EDU>
Subject: More about mail URL's/tags
Date: Tue, 11 May 93 13:59:41 MDT
From: Christopher McRae <>

Regarding the issue of embedding email pointers within documents:

  I would like to see some sort of mechanism for including within an
email "form" information about the context from which the meesage was
sent.  For example, as the recipient of such a message, I might want
to know how/where it was generated.  Suppose the same pointer/tag was
embedded in multiple documents, I might want to know that a particular
message was sent from document A so I can go back and change the
reference if necessary/appropriate.  Or perhaps I'd like to know that
over 80% of such messages were being generated from document A and only
10% from document B; then I might be more inclined to spend time on
developing A than B.
  Which header field would be most appropriate to put this info?  News
uses the "Followup-To" header for an analogous purpose; it tells you
the context within which the message was generated.
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