Formatting Options in HTML?

Adrian F Clark <>
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From: Adrian F Clark <>
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Subject: Formatting Options in HTML?
On Wed, 12 May 93 22:40:17 MET DST, said:

t> There have been a lot of advantges in sticking to the
t> logical markup rule.  It has allowed lots of browsers
t> to be creative and flexible in presentation, and
t> has allowed for example TeX to be generated intelligently
t> from a set of HTML documents.  If explicit markup had been
t> there, it would not have been possible.

People might be interested to know that a couple of colleagues and I
have successfully produced a hypertext/multimedia previewer for TeX,
and a LaTeX style file to encapsulate these features.  The mark-up is
still logical in nature, though no longer SGML of course.  This means
that centred and flushed text is possible -- and mathematics, which is
important for my purposes.  And images, sound, video, and even limited
interaction with the underlying system.

As things stand, the hypertext is not compatible with WWW but, as soon
as I feel I understand WWW and HTML, I'll have a go at a previewer
that uses a compatible hypertext mechanism.  However, I don't see how
I could make it compatible with existing previewers: the features
offered by (La-)TeX are significantly greater, as far as I can tell,
than those available in any existing WWW viewer.


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