WWW Information Discovery Tools

Nathan Torkington <Nathan.Torkington@vuw.ac.nz>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 10:55:32 +1200
From: Nathan Torkington <Nathan.Torkington@vuw.ac.nz>
Message-id: <199304082255.AA01179@kauri.vuw.ac.nz>
To: www-talk@nxoc01.cern.ch
In-reply-to: Bob Jackson's message <9304081736.AA20543@MARIAN.STSCI.EDU>
Subject: WWW Information Discovery Tools
Bob Jackson writes:

> 	WAIS's directory-of-servers
> 	Gopher's Veronica
> 	Gopher's ts/tb or jughead
> Is anyone working on similar tools for WWW?

First of all -- the WAIS directory of servers differs from the others
in that Veronica and archie (which you didn't mention but should have)
are both automated.  Listing on the directory of servers is by
registration only -- the d.o.s doesn't search for machines that accept
connections at port 210 or anything like that.

The decision should be made whether we should have a registration
process for WWW -- a central page of servers that could then be fed to
a WWW version of archie/veronica to provide a list of titles/URLs.
Part of the registration process might be keeping track of the
"too-dense" sections and keeping the archie/veronica away from them.

Check out

for my musings on the subject.